Use a Gold Wall Mirror in a smaller space

A gold wall mirror can give a whole new sense of style to any room. The sheer glamour and glitter of gold give any room style and grace that is unsurpassed. However, this does not mean that a wall mirror made of gold should only be used in the most luxurious rooms. A gold mirror can be used in many rooms that are more mundane. Let`s look at some ideas for how to use these beautiful pieces in different rooms throughout the house.

Let`s start with the kitchen. This is the perfect room to give a gold wall mirror to. This area can be used for framed or unframed mirrors. It can draw attention to a worktop, island, or even a table. It can also create a mood within the space. If you have white cabinets, a gold mirror on one of the walls will bring a splash of colour into the space.

A mirror like this is also a good choice for the bathroom. Bathrooms are notorious for being particularly small spaces, so anything that makes a space look bigger is bound to attract a lot of notice. This can be especially effective if it frames your sink. It can be modern or minimalistic, and can also give the bathroom a sense of space and clarity.

Living rooms are another place where a wall-mounted mirror can be useful. Smaller living rooms can often seem very tight, but a framed mirror can really add some panache. In fact, some homes now have them as the centre piece of their living room. Some people decorate with them because they make a nice centrepiece and they`re easy to fit. Some are even beautiful enough to be used as side tables or in a corner by the fireplace.

Bathrooms seem to be more popular because they have wall mirrors. They are functional and can allow you to see your reflection whenever you want. These days, most mirrors are attached to a wall, rather than hung on a stand. They are also less likely to tip and are easier to knock over. They can also be mounted on a frame, so you don`t need to worry about space.

There are plenty of places where a wall mirror in a smaller space could be useful. If you`re thinking of renovating, adding one is an easy way to give your room a bit of a makeover. They can also be used as a centre piece in a room. If you`ve ever had one of these professionally installed before, you`ll know what to expect from them.